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The picture book "Stay-Home-Monster" is voluntary written and illustrated. This takes time and effort. If you would like, you can donate via Paypal, it will be very much appreciated..

Cover Page

Title Page

"Alma want’s to go outside"

"Stay inside, Alma"

 "Alma doesn't like the Monster"

"Mom has a cold"

"Help me, Jannis"

"Soapy Fun"

"She calls her grandma."

"Almas Dad works from home"

"Alma is still bored"

"Stay-Home-Fun Part 1"

"Stay-Home-Fun Part 2"

"Castle Builders"

"Alma’s friend the monster"

Author & Illustrator: Sophia M. Phildius

Co-Author: Claudia M. Müller
Editor German: Alexandra Fauth-Nothdurft
Translation English: Dario Broich & Steve Thomas
Age recommendation: 4 years and up


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