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Sophia M. Phildius - Author und Illustrator

The freelance illustrator lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, together with dog Vincent. She also is currently doing her masters degree in Informative Illustration at HAW Hamburg. The uni is on corona-break as well till the end of april. Before her studies, she worked as an educator in many different facilities for four years. She paid special attention to the free and creative development of the children.






The picture book "Stay-Home-Monster" is voluntary written and illustrated.This takes time and effort. If you would like, you can donate via Paypal, it will be very much appreciated..

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Claudia M. Müller - Co-Author

Claudia is a studied illustrator and lives and works in Kiel, Germany. In her masters degree, she had the chance to collect first experiences as an autor with a difficult book theme. Now working freelance, childrens books stay an important element of her works. Website



Alexandra Fauth-Nothdurft – German Editor

Alexandra is helping the Team as editor behind the scenes. She takes care of the harmony between text and pictures, gives creative input and corrects spelling. After several years of working in a publishing house for children's and youth literature, she now works as freelance editor. Her main focus are children's books and Young Adult as well as fiction.

photo © Milène Dreher

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10th of April 2020

Press Pictures
Front page with background, front page cut out,
Example page with coloring picture, photo by the author & illustrator
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Stay-Home-Monster: Alma is on corona break

Author & Illustrator: Sophia M. Phildius

Co-Author: Claudia M. Müller
Editor German: Alexandra Fauth-Nothdurft
Translation English: Dario Broich & Steve Thomas
Age recommendation: 4 years and up


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